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Ph: (08) 8294 8877
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Tommee Tippee

MHN084 Soft Scoop Spoons (soft silicon tip) $6.95
MHN085 Heat & Sensor Spoons (3pk) tip turns yellow if food is too hot $8.60
MHN086 Covered Comforters Twin Pack 0-18mths $10.50
MHN087 First Feeding Bottle Includes pure orthodontic teat $7.50
MHN088 Nipper Gripper 250ml includes orthodontic silicone teat $10.25
MHN089 Safety Duck Tub by Munchkin $28.00
MHN090 Baby Scissors with rounded tips $6.55
MHN091 Baby Nail Clippers $5.50
MHN092 Brush & Comb Set $6.55
MHN093 Twin Bottle Insulated Carrier Hot or Cold up to 7 hrs $40.50
MHN094 Ventilated Soother Size 1 & 2 $3.00
MHN095 Orthodontic Comforter with Glow in the Dark Ring, size 1 & 2 $5.50
MHN096 Twister teether Toy $11.00
MHN097 Easy Grip No Spill Cup 6 months & over $14.50
MHN098 Flip It Straw Cup $9.50
MHN099 Roll 'n' Go Bib 4 months & over $7.50
MHN100 Playtime Teether Rattle $3.50
MHN101 Squeaky Squeeze Hammer $3.50
MHN102 Weaning Set-Heat Sensor 4 months & over $10.95
MHN103 Baby Food Pots Unique Air tight Lids & Spoons $9.50

Nuborn Range

MHN104 Breast Pump Starter Kit $84.95
MHN105 Electric Steriliser Kit $114.95
MHN106 Microwave Steam Steriliser $53.95
MHN107 Heat Sensor Bottle (150ml) $7.95
MHN108 Heat Sensor Bottle (260ml) $8.95
MHN109 Heathflow Bottle 125ml $9.95
MHN110 Heathflow Bottle 250ml $11.95
MHN111 Standard Variflow Teats Set of 2 $6.50
MHN112 Wide Neck Variflow Teats Set of 2 $6.50
MHN113 Silicone Cherry Comforter $5.50
MHN114 Silicone Cherry Comforter Set of 2 $8.95
MHN115 Silicone Orthodontic Comforter $5.50
MHN116 Silicone Orthodontic Comforter Set of 2 $8.95
MHN117 Disposable Breast Pads $11.95



Baby Support Pillows


Johnson & Johnson Products

MHN118 3x80 Thick Wipes $14.25
MHN119 200ml Bath Free Soap $4.95
MHN120 235gm Cornstarch Powder $3.10
MHN121 500ml Milk Bath $7.99
MHN122 500ml Shampoo & Conditioner $8.40
MHN123 500ml Top to Toe $7.99
MHN124 500ml Baby Moisture Soap Free $7.99
MHN124 500ml Bedtime Bath $7.99

Fluffies Training Pants

MHN125 Size 2 & 3 $2.80

Training Pant - Soft Terry Towelling with Foam Liners

MHN126 Terry Wash Cloths 6 pack Face Washers $4.95
MHN127 Dripless Cup with Dual Handle (300ml) $8.90
MHN128 Twin Soft Handle Drinking Cup with Spout Lid $3.15
MHN129 Easy Grip Feeding Bottle with Rattle Lid $3.45
MHN130 2 x 250ml Feeding Bottle $5.50
MHN131 6 Bottle Drying Rack $19.95
MHN132 Double Bottle Warmer/Insulator hold 2 bottles $9.95
MHN133 7 Day Bib Set in box set $9.95
MHN134 7 Piece Clothing & Toy set available in Blue or Pink $17.95
MHN135 2 Pack Spill Proof Cups $6.95

Baby Banz
Cool Sunglasses for Babies & Kids

MHN136 Baby Banz (0-2 years) $19.95
MHN137 Kidz Banz (2-5 years old)
  Available in great colours Blue, Pink, Lime Green, Orange, Purple, Red & Black
(Colours subject to availability)
BABY MHN138 Baby & Kidz Combo Banz Pack $27.95
KIDZ MHN139 (Consists of Sunglasses, Matching Hat & Carry Bag)
Available in Pink & Blue


MHN156 Heinz Starter $18.99
MHN157 Heinz Follow On $18.99
MHN158 Heinz Toddler $18.99

Mattress Protectors

MHN140 Snoozy Absorb 500ml
We also carry fitted mattress
protectors for Single, Double, Queen & King Beds       P.O.A.




Top Shoes and Sleepers

MHN141 Goldbug Toggle Fleece Girl and Boy Slippers in Baby and Toddler Sizes $15.95
MHN142 Goldbug Girls and Boys Sandles in Baby and Toddler Sizes 1319561,1319573,1319680 from $14.50
MHN143 Goldbug Girl and Boy Sandshoes in Baby and Toddlers Sizes 1370085 $16.95
MHN144 Goldbug Girl Shoes in Toddler Sizes 1370113 $19.95

Nappy Cakes made to order


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